Linear Finishing Systems

Linear finishing systems for wood and plastic mouldings, tube and extrusions. Vacuum coaters for UV and Waterbase, Profile sanders, Moulding Sprayers, UV Curing, and Infrared Drying Tunnels.

STS – Linear Sprayer

Stanza STS Moulding sprayers are ideal for linear profiles in a wide range of materials. They are capable of utilizing both waterborne and solvent based coatings including stains, paints, and lacquers.

STP – Profile Sander/Denibber

Stanza Profile Sander features unlimited custom configurations of belt, wheel and flap stations.

MC/WB Vacuum Coater

MC/WB Vacuum Coater – Waterbase four-sided coating featuring 99% transfer efficiency.

MC/ UV Vacuum Coater

MC/UV Vacuum Coater; Ultraviolet cured four sided coating utilizing Stanza’s “Free Flow” technology.

STR – Infrared Drying Tunnel, IR Dryer

STR - Infra Drying Tunnel – Custom configurations for flash, jet and IR drying of waterbase coatings.


STV UV Cure Oven – High Speed 360 degree curing including mercury and gallium lamp configurations.

MiniTunnel Parquet- Floor Prefinish System

The MiniTunnel is a compact and affordable way to prefinish flooring in- house. The system is ideal for producing the custom finish looks that are in high demand in today's flooring market. The Mini Tunnel is capable of utilizing  oils, urethane's,  water stains, reactive stains, waxes, solvent finishes and varnishes.  The machine easily coats hand scraped, wire brushed and heavy beveled surfaces.

Stanza Machinery offers an array of Equipment and techical services to the metal, wood, and plastics industries.