• Vacuum Coater for water

MC/WB Vacuum Coater

MC/WB Vacuum Coater – Waterbase four-sided coating featuring 99% transfer efficiency.


STM Series Water Base Vacuum Coaters are designed to coat linear profiles with maximum uniformity and 99% transfer efficiency. The system consists of a separation tower, vacuum producer, control panel, and a unique application chamber. This chamber features our “free flow technology” that enhances coating consistency at lower vacuum pressures. This uses less energy while permitting higher feed speeds. The PLC driven control system interlocks with machines in line enabling process integration. The application chamber is designed for quick tool free changeover which maximizes production uptime. STM Series vacuum coaters are available with a range of options and in special configurations to suit your production needs.

Construction Polished Stainless Steel
Max Width Up to 12″
Application speeds 200 FPM +
Pump 1″ double diaphragm
Reservoir capacity 15 gallons
Vacuum procedures 7.5 HP x 3 units
Auto fill Electronic (option)
Fluid heating system Inline recirculating (option)
Operator controls Remote panel/PLC control

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