uv oven dryer


STV UV Cure Oven – High Speed 360 degree curing including mercury and gallium lamp configurations.


Stanza STV UV ovens are design to cure 100% solids UV coatings applied by vacuum coaters and spray machines. The system utilizes top and bottom curing units for 360 degree curing. Lamp power is variable and the lamp housings are adjustable for maximum effectiveness. The STV is available in various configurations of lamp number, layout and type.

Workpiece max. width 12″
Workpiece min. length 18″
Feed Speed 20-150FPM
Conveyeor High temp belt
UV Lamp Configurations 3-7 lamps
Lamp Options Mercury/Gallium
Lamp Power 300 watts/inch
Lamp Intensity Variable
Air Management Intake and exhaust fans
Voltage 460 volt 3ph60 Hz

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